Get Easy & Inexpensive Facility of Non-Emergency Medical Rides

Non-Emergency Medical Rides are basically services provided to the eligible beneficiaries for the purpose of their health care by offering them rides either free of cost or at nominal charges between their residence and health care centres they have been referred to. The purpose of the Non-Emergency Medical Rides is to aid the patients and other recipients who do not have adequate access to drive themselves to the concerned hospitals or medical institutes where they have fixed their appointments with the concerned doctors and specialists.


Medical Transportation Services in Arizona
Non emergency medical transportation


The Non-Emergency Medical Ride Service equip the recipients with the ability to board a bus, van, even an aircraft or any other transport meant for public convenience and take them to medical institutes without even troubling them with the charges that each trip would have cost for seeking routine check-ups and medical appointments. If they have the required health plan, this service can also benefit them with the provision of meals and other lodging facilities in case the recipients are in need of staying at the healthcare centres overnight. This service proves beneficial especially when the patient is in need of having a guardian along with him or her depending on different cases.

The Non-Emergency Medical Rides aim to make the arrival of the patients and other beneficiaries at their respective medical centres convenient, less hectic and inexpensive.

The Non-Emergency Medical Rides are made possible with the help of Non-Emergency Medical Transports which can be easily informed of the appointments beforehand and can be availed of the services for their assistance by one call 866-220-3834. These transports even schedule trips when patients need to get to healthcare institutes for physiotherapies or dialysis sessions. This service has been initiated to reduce the costs spent on the charges of ambulance services and transportation of the patients.



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