Now, Non-emergency Medical Transportation Services at a swish!

It happens often that we hear of patients who die because of the unavailability of medical facilities or even because of the shortage of medical aid on time. In natural calamities like the 2013 North India Floods that caused the death of over 5,700 people including the local residents, helicopters were used to rescue people. Despite the rough terrain heavy fog and rainfall, airlifting of a total of 18,424 people and dropping/landing a total of 336,930 kg of relief material and equipment was made possible. It is hard to imagine an even worse condition without these facilities.


Medical Transportation Services in Arizona
Non-emergency medical transportation broker



Non-emergency medical transportation services help patients who are unable to travel conventionally due to medical situations to travel safely from one place to another. It also helps stable patients to travel by conventional means who are required to use Non-Emergency Medical Transportation due to oxygen requirements, mobility issues and for ease and comfort.

For instance, a patient living in a remote area of Bihar immediately needs to see a specialist in Delhi. The journey is too long for the patient and a commercial flight may be too stressful and often unavailable so we provide an alternative means of transportation – the non-emergency medical transportation services or the NEMT.

Elderly citizens who have been prohibited from traveling due to critical conditions like recent by-pass surgeries or organ transplants want to see their family or suppose they have to be carried in some other hospital shortly due to medical emergencies but driving them is not an option. Here is when NEMT proves useful you just call their toll-free number like 866-220-3834.

In order to serve as many patients as we can, we see the availability of ouraircraft and other means of transport sort them according to the need and budget of our clients. We also deliver on short notice emergencies and our clients rely on us due our service and hospitality. Our aircraft are equipped to handle all types of the medical condition or emergency with our highlyqualified medical team. We also provide a full medical bed to bed service.

NEMT- A Safer, Better Option

If you are looking for safety and reliability, we promise both of them ataffordable prices. So give the gift of better health facilities to your family by taking NEMT as your agent in medical transportation.


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