Non emergency medical ride service is a need to elders & handicapped

Do you know anyone who is affected with a medical condition and unable to move on his or her own or maybe an elderly living in next door who has issues travelling on their own even if they have a non emergency medical appointment to attend to? Don’t they have people around to help? If yes, this is totally for you and moreover for them who are actually in such grave situations.

Non Emergency medical ride

To save them from the woes, DD Med Trans, Inc. an American medical transportation broker company comes to the immediate rescue where they offer the elderly people as well as the handicapped ones the opportunity to reach to their desired non emergency medical appointments which they were denied of earlier due to the lack of mobility.

Non Emergency j
Non Emergency Air Ambulance Transportation 

This had been truly made possible via their non medical emergency medical rides which come in various forms and has helped the people in need all over the nation of America, a breath of relief from their usual tensions and worries. With just a click of the mouse or calling in to their toll free number, anyone can book an appointment to ride into their great, supportive, professional and expert non emergency medical ride services with utter ease.

Talking about their great services in the terms of non emergency medical rides, here are some of the services they offer which are listed below and from which one can choose the one according to their needs and choices.


  1. Non emergency wheelchair transportation: This service of DDMT has come real handy where the patients are given wheelchair services to reach and visit a place with ease.
  2. Non emergency air ambulance transportation: The options DDMT offers in this regard are the Bedside-to-Bedside Patient Transfer where two doctors are aflight to help the elderly or a handicap person, the Domestic Air Ambulance where all the medical emergency equipments are preloaded, Commercial Medical Escorts to accompany a person on a commercial flight and Ground Ambulance where a person stays dedicated to the service of the elderly/handicapped at all times.


Non Emergency stretcher Transportation 


  1. Non emergency ambulatory transportation: This one is the service which can be used by one who needs help while walking from one place to another.

       4. Non emergency stretcher transportation: This is for the patients who are unable to sit upright and their transportation is thus made right in no time.

With so many variations to opt for in a rather affordable price range, non emergency medical rides hadn’t been any easier!




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