Contents of Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Toolkit


In the non-emergency medical transportation toolkit the various benefits that the beneficiaries can avail to visit their doctors are included. They will be transported to their desired place by this service when they have medical appointments but cannot move on their own. The toolkit is generally a booklet that contains the detailed information regarding the services provided by this non-emergency medical transportation services.

 The non-emergency medical transportation toolkit summarizes the general scope of the coverage for this non-emergency transportation, any fraudulent issues addressed while providing transportation facilities to the beneficiaries. This toolkit also provides tips to the providers to help prevent abuse and fraud. Moreover this non-emergency medical transportation toolkit also encourages the medical benefit providers to keep a regular check that their contractors and employees are not excluded from the health care programs and are getting proper services from them.

Non Emergency Medical Transportation broker

This booklet also contains the types of transportation provided by the service providers. You will get all the detailed information regarding how to make reservations for availing the services and what are the methods of reservation and every other detail. So before you make a reservation to avail this service it will be wise to go through the non-emergency medical transportation toolkit.

 The toolkit also contains the mileage up to which the logistics are available to the beneficiaries. It is only meant to cover the placed related to medical issues, like a doctor’s chamber or any other medical unit whatsoever. Other places are not covered within this service and should not be billed together with these services. This toolkit defines abuse and fraud issues related to transportation services. Some providers bill fraudulent and abusive claims which are not expected. Every provider must return any improper claim amount that they receive for the beneficiaries. The toolkit contains rules that everyone including the brokers, drivers, providers and the beneficiaries should follow. Non adherence to any rule may result in serious penalties and fines that have to be borne by the defaulters.  So the proper definition of abuse should be understood and this toolkit will provide you with all the detailed information related to such issues. The toolkit defines beneficiary fraud as well. A beneficiary fraud arises when the beneficiary allowed other patients to move in his own vehicle by conspiring with the ambulance owner. This attracts penalty as well.

Moreover, DDmed Trans Inc. is a nationwide team of Non-emergency medical transportation broker based in Arizona, having a complete toolkit that need to handle a patient’s emergency. For hiring services call at 866-220-3834 (Toll-Free) number.

Thus this toolkit provides all the necessary details for availing the non-emergency medical transportation services.                                                                                   


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